CocoFit Box


Below is the complete product list:


  • Ribbed Knit Cotton no-show socks
  • Eco-Friendly BPA-Free reusable premium Water Bottle 
  • Adjustable Waist Fitness belt
  • Vivoo Personal Test strip
  • Award winning 100% organic natural deodorant (100ml)
  • Jump Skipping rope
  • Exotic Dried Fruit Mix (Watermelon or Mango)


CocoFit Box

  • Summer Body Here we come!!!


    With a mixture of healthy snacks, fitness gear and plastic-free & vegan friendly skincare -  We have curated the ultimate box that will help you achieve a healthier and more fitness conscious lifestyle. We’ve included an amazing set of premium products to support both your fitness gains and long term wellness goals. 


    By partnering up with Vivoo, you’ll receive exclusive access to their personalised urinalysis test strips! The strip is able to provide personalized nutrition advice based on your urine sample. You'll be able to track body parameters such as: water consumption, urinary pH, ketones, liver, kidney functions and more! helping you understand your body’s needs and encouraging you to make healthier choices.


    You’ll also receive a BPA free water bottle, a 100% organic natural deodorant (Aluminium, paraben and BPA, Plastic and crueltry FREE) as well as some delicious dried Jungle Fruits (Black-owned) cosy cotton socks and a skipping rope! This is an absolutely jam-packed box full of premium and long lasting goodies that will encourage you or a loved one to embark on the ultimate fitness and wellness journey!


    O did we forget to mention the fitness waist belt? Yes, you get that too! ;)