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Below is the complete product list:


  • Afropop socks, Cotton blend socks
  • Handmade Ankara notebook
  • Loose leaf tea 
  • Organically Shea, Organic Shea Butter
  • Jungle Fruits, Dried Fruit (not available, will be replaced for a like-for-like)
  • Inspirational Prints
  • Petite African pendant, SBA & Co.


Where there are options on the brands, a Cocobean Team member will curate the box with the best available item for the box. If you prefer a specific brand over another please specify this within the 'Add a note' section in the checkout page. Please note you will only receive 1 unit of each item.Please note that we will do our best to include your option but we cannot guarantee inclusion if not available. The items will always be of same quality/like for like (i.e skin care products can be of different brands, scrubs, soaps slightly different scents etc...). Kindly note that the boxes may vary in colour according to availability. Rest assured the boxes will still be beautifully curated, we take time and a lot of pride over each and every box . Please assume that every product may contain nuts. All labels should be read carefully before using a product, even if it has been used safely in the past.

Cocobean Ruby Sub-Box

  • This October released Coco-self care inspired box has amazing products that have been especially handpicked for you! From Beauty to skincare, snacks and accessories!!⁠

    A total of 8 products have been featured, including skincare, accessories, snacks and beauty.⁠ 

    • The box supports 8 Black-owned businesses.⁠

    • The box includes 6 Women-owned products.⁠

    Not subscribed yet? we would love you to join! the next box is going to be incredible! 🤎

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