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Techbean box


Where are all my Techbeans at??!!

This Giftbox is the ultimate Tech Lover Box! with an amazing choice of Google Home or Amazon's Alexa you are bound to enter the world of Voice Assistant in absolute style. Listen to music, playlists, audiobooks and more, getting rich sound from Google Home’s or Alexa's high excursion speaker.

In addition we have added a whooping 1TB USB to the box in order for you to backup all those lovely pictures you take on a daily basis, or documents for work or uni - not everyday cloud! and as if that wasn't enough, we have added a Black stylus Pro pen with a rubber tip which lets you easily take notes on your device as well as on paper; allowing you to interact with your favourite apps, yet easily switch to writing with a high quality ballpoint pen. 

Amazing Tech Box!

Included in this box:

  • Voice assistant Amazon Alexa or Google Home Mini

  • 1TB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Memory Stick Metal Key Chain

  • Pro Stylus with Ball Point Pen Rubber Tip

  • Surprise Snack!

£49.99 (excl p&p)

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